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Why should you computerize your company's operations? While increased efficiency will yield some short-term cost benefits, this is usually not the main goal. The increased control and reduction in mistakes will allow your company to grow when opportunities arise and keep existing business where competitors fail.


JS Systems specializes in flexible and customizable software. Our extensive experience in Indonesia, since 1994, allows us to select best practice solutions for your company. Customization is always an option, whether you decide to custom-fit a solution to your company or need additions for your growing company later-on.


Software alone is never a solution. JS Systems provides start-up support, documentation and training for both direct users and ICT personal. Start-up support and customizations make the software useable in your company.



Our Customers


More than 150 multi-national and national companies use successful solutions from JS Systems:

Customers Revisi

Some of our customers are using the system since 1994:


    Branded Distributors


    Import/Export Trading

  Cosmetics Manufacturing

  Chemical Manufacturing

  Electronics Manufacturing

  Tobacco Industry

  Automobile Industry


  Cargo & Forwarders

  Newspaper and Offset Printing


  Real Estate


Our Vision


Software from JS Systems makes your company administration more effective and efficient, thus allowing your company to grow effortlessly. The solution provides timely and consistent management information, e.g. finance reporting, order status, inventory levels, employee attendance, etc.


Standard packages only provide common functionality without providing integrated rule checking and management reporting.  A tailor made software solution can be risky and costly. JS Systems has an extensive range of customizable modules that can be implemented fast and cost-effective while including fixed-price customizations and additions. Therefore we not only give a technical guarantee for our software, but actually guarantee that our software solution will be implemented successfully in your company.


JS Systems creates software that is:

-           Based on your business processes

-           Flexible

-           Fully integrated

-           A proven technical solution


Our Team

Ir. Jan Sturm


The JS Systems team consists of about 20 professionals with backgrounds varying from software development and ITC management to registered accountant, production control and project management. The team is lead by Ir. Jan Sturm, who has more than 20 years experience in information technology project. He graduated from the Delft University of Technology majoring in Management of Datacenters. In the Netherlands he has implemented systems for a multinational insurance company and worked on the research and development department of the nations largest accounting software provider. Ir. Jan Sturm has developed accounting software with an Indonesian accounting firm and now for more than 10 years manages JS Systems.


Organisation Chart


Our organization chart reflects our vision:

-       Project Development and Maintenance are separate divisions to maximize our service during the complete life-cycle of the software

-       The separate Project Administration (part of General Affairs) provides independent status reporting

-       A continued investment in Research and Development ensures timely technological advancements


Our experienced multidisciplinary team has the knowledge to make your software project a success!

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